Grandma's Buttons

Last year provided our family with a lot of happiness and pleasure but we also had our share of with many families im sure. We lost a treasured family member quite suddenly, my fatherlaw, in August and my grandmother was diagnosed with dementia. She was admitted to hospital after breaking her hip and tests found that she had fluid on the brain, prob caused from hypertension.......for her and my grandfather (both in their 80's) it caused a major upheaval in their lives. She was moved to a nursing home, where she is recieving the care she needs. My grandfather decided that living alone, so far from her was too hard, so just before xmas he put the family home on the market and moved to a unit on the grounds of the nursing home. He is still adjusting, its all a little strange to him, which is understandable. During the cleanout of their home, i was given my grandmothers sewing box, an item i will treasure. Although my grandmother wasnt a sewer, she had a few bits and pieces that i love but the surprise was her collection of old buttons:I just love them!!! I plan on using as many of them as i can in my projects this year. They r far too pretty to be left loose in the bottom of a sewing basket, they will definetly add a story to everything i make........thanks nan for the collection

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