Saturday, January 20, 2007

Happy Birthday Cohen!!!!

Happy Birthday our sweet little u r 5!!!!! We had a wonderful day, full of family and games, a yummy BBQ lunch (thnx DH for the cooking) and of course all the great gifts. The weather was awful, after a succession of really hot, sunny days, it decides to rain today!!!!
The kids loved the pirate costumes that we made earlier in the week and the real hit was the "Crocodile Hunt" game........take a timer and set it for say 2 mins and then hide it, the kids have to find it before the buzzer goes off to prevent being eaten by the crocodile. It really was a day full of fun and laughs and now its all over, we r exhausted but happy............the kids will sleep well tonite.
It really is hard to believe he is 5 to Kinder this year!!!......just seems like yesterday he was this tiny goregous baby. You really have to savour every moment, time passes so quickly. He is now this independant little person, who is learning to read, can write his own name and most of his numbers and who can work this computer far better than me!!! He is already showing his creative side, one of his gifts was an easel and paintbox set and he painted such lovely pictures this morn (now proudly hanging in DH's workshop).
We do love u Cohen and we hope u have had a fantastic day!!!
Another bonus for today........i had a call this morn in response to my flyers and i sold 6 of my patterns.........i was stoked!!!.........its a small start but a start all the same..........and just as a personal note to Jules (cause i know u read my blog!!!) take a chance, show others what u can do and u may be surprised, i believe in u!!!!
Great day for us........hope urs was too.

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  1. HAHAHAH.......lurker here. you have been and always will be my mentor. Thank you for your encouraging words. Luv u heaps and so proud of you Missy Moo....


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