New Years Resolution

I have made many New Years Resolutions for 2007......the first was to create my own blog, and here it is. For months now i have reguarly read many blogs and have been inspired by the talented ladies who craft, raise wonderful children and maintain amazing lifestyles.
I am a married mother of two beautiful children (daughter 12 and son almost 5) , i work part time and I have started my own quilt design business.....Threadbare Creations, so u can imagine my resolutions r huge.
This year I have vowed to finish the 16 UFO's in my craft cupboard and as of today I have completed one of them, so im on track.
I have also vowed to devote all my energy to establishing my business, its still in baby stages at moment, so i can leave my part time job in November 2007. Working for the last 2 years, leaves me feeling that I havent been there for my kids and husband 100%. This last Xmas, i found it difficult to get into the "spirit" and all the usual family activities were either rushed, so i could get to work or postponed because i had to work. 2007 is the year to get Threadbare "out there", helping me earn an income doing what i loooooooooooooooooove!!!!!!
I have vowed to complete a Block of the Month Quilt and as luck would have it i found 2 that i from Debbie Mumm and the other from Angies Bits and Pieces (ok so i can manage one extra block a month, im superwoman lol)
I have also vowed to finally, and i mean finally, renovate our family home so that it is completed. We brought this house 18 years ago and throughtout it has been in some form of renovation. 2007 is the year for completion!!!!! until i change my mind again!!!!
Utimately the reason i began designing, was for one i could never follow a pattern, i always adapted and changed everything i have ever made, but also because i have a message to ur family!!!!...........all my designs incoporate this message, with lovely quotes..........lets not lose the family values...................Enjoy ur stitching, enjoy your family!!!

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  1. Wow a beautiful wife and mother to two beautiful childern! Wow! They are beautiful!


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