Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Party Preparations

Party preparations for our sons 5th birthday on Saturday r almost complete.........he has chosen a pirate theme (again!!!!!) , so this year we have had a bit of fun organising the games and decorations. Here r the store brought items, nice and bright and colourful:
The pinata was a great find at "half price", all it needs now is to be filled with lollies. The kids and I put our heads together and came up with a few homemade decorations of our own:
Now we got a great pirate flag and a treasure chest, that we r going to fill with potato chips....there r some eyepatches and some loot bags filled with whistles and poppers and a treasure map.......we also made some pirate bandana's and at the back is a "pin the patch on the pirate" game......we also made the sails for the pirate ship cake (chocolate icecream cake).
Its so much fun making party decorations, u can really let ur hair down and just create with the kids.............only 3 mores sleeps till your birthday darling!!!!

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