Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Threadbare Creations......my craft baby!!!!

Today i posted out my first batch of flyers, advertising my debut patterns. I plan on sending out 100 flyers to various craft businesses throughout Australia and "x fingers" i get some responses. I have already sold 4 patterns to a local craft shop (thnx Dot for your support and guidance) and it was really weird to go in there the other day and see my patterns on display. Dot, bless her, had even added a sign declaring that this was a new local business and my name, and my patterns hung proudly beneath. It was a humbling moment for me. Seeing something i had worked so hard on actually being featuring in somebodies shop.......i was glad the other customers didnt sense my discomfort lol
I started the Library bag tonite, finishing the pocket and i am sending this design to my favorite craft magazine in the hope that they will publish it. I always take great care with my sewing, but this project makes me feel like it has to be "more" than perfect, so im taking my time, making countless notes on its construction, measuring material consumption and hoping that this project displays my stitchery to its full potential.
Well life is about taking chances, and u cant succeed unless u try, so im putting my designs out there........where this will take me is beyond me now..........happy quilting!!!!

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