Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Basting Day

Have u ever had one of those days???........u sleep in late, the washing pile seems bigger than u remembered, u do the groceries and spend more than u planned and then when u get home they wont fit in the freezer or the pantry and then u totally rearrange ur furniture so u can spend the rest of the day basting.........and u get visitors!!!.......not just one set of people, but two!!! lol.........well that was my type of day today and it was great!!!
My first set of visitors were my MIL , her sister and her nephew, so i spent time explaining the finer points of basting with safety pins ( alas no volunteers for helping me lol). Then during their visit, my parents showed up (dads visit was a quickie before he went back to work). So the house was full and still no help for poor me, basting (im not a great fan of basting!!). Later on it was just mum and I, the kids popping in from time to time when they needed something. Mum sat, i basted and we had a lovely afternoon chatting, drinking coffee (me) and tea for mum and feasting on these lovely apple and sultana scrolls id brought from the bakery:
I did manage to baste the quilt (i decided on the "strolling the block" quilt top) and its all ready for machine quilting , which ill start tommorrow. Im going to call into the quilt shop in the morning and pick out some thread.....because im only attempting basic quilting i thought id try something different with the thread colours to make it interesting.........oh and i found a free motion foot, going to go buy that too tommorrow, so i can practice stippling....and then finally tonite i started stitching my 4th Threadbare Creations design.......this is the fun part, working out colour combinations and stitching!!!
Great family day for us!!!


Screen Door said...

Sounds like my kind of day. Oh-- to sit and have Tea with my Mom (she lives 1200 miles away). Thanks for stopping by my blog. I know if we were closer we'd definitely be friends... you love bird houses just like me... have a good day. Quilt some for me.

Wendy said...

What a lovely day you had with family and friends. Your stitcheries are beautiful, I love to hand stitch when I'm not at my machine.

goo said...

Hey that still happens to YOu??? You baste and people watch...........lol

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