One of my favorite bloggers recently posted her beautiful collection of church plates and she invited others to share their collections or the items they r "drawn" too. So heres mine, besides the obvious collections of fabric, fabric and more fabric (ditto with the buttons lol), I am a lover and collector of birdhouses and vintage brooches:

This one was made by me, with a little help from DH from the old fence pailing on our original back fence. Fun project to make on one of those rainy Saturdays.

This one is my absolute favourite and also my most recent addition. It is just so ornate!! I also have other ones scattered around the house:

These ones live on my bathroom window and they r just too cute!!!.....I am drawn to them so much that i like to use them in my craft:

So u kinda get the idea..........i have all these birdhouses, feeders, old cages, bird baths but i dont have my own bird...yet, i got plans to find a large old wooden birdcage and id love to put it outside the back door with one beautiful bird, just gotta convince DH.
And of course the other item im drawn to are old brooches........this little collection started all by itself, whenever anybody finds one they pass it on to me, cause they know i love the vintage stuff.......there is always a brooch on each of my jackets:
I keep them all in my late grandmothers purse (pictured) which is soooo lovely and still smells of her. There is a little gold rose brooch there, that is dear to me. I brought that for my grandmother, on her birthday, with money from my first job (while i was still studying).....she wore that brooch ALL the time and it given back to me when she died.
Well back to stitching, this was a fun post!!


  1. Loved seeing your collections..I have a few birdhouses..and a few brooches as well..

  2. Thank you for posting on my blog..and for bookmarking my site for perusing later. I'm doing the same with yours. :o)


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