Evandale Village Fair

Today we went out to Evandale for the Village Fair and Penny Farthing Races:

We were lucky with the weather, we had major hot moments(where i got sunburnt!!!) and overcast moments with a lovely breeze......the races were fun to watch, especially the novelty races (aka wheelbarrow relay!!) There were lots of stalls, i brought a Hyacinth bulb for my bulb vase and some homemade spices......walking around the streets u got to meet wonderful people, some of them dressed in period costume:

And some of them as live models:

She was really wonderful to watch......she didnt move!!! lol and when she did it was slow robotic movements as she posed with people for photos.

The vintage car collection was a hit with our family, since DH and DS are car enthusiasists but even i enjoyed looked at them!! Not a lot of craft stalls which was disappointing to me but the food was amazing!!!!

We had our lunch on the lawn watching the band and enjoying the casual ambience......there was so much to watch, the country dancing, the Highland Band and the races.

But i guess the highlight of the day for the kids, especially Cohen was the puppet show..........u could hear his laugh over all the other children lol he just loved it!!! and secretly so did i and DH lol!!!

I think that "Punch" and "Jake" the clown were firm favorites:

It was a great relaxed family day.
Hope urs was too.............................Log Cabin Tally:30 Blocks

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