February Reflections

As the sun sets, its time to reflect on February and welcome the first day of Autumn. Its hard to believe that two months of 2007 have already passed but so much has been achieved this year already. The definite highlights of February, have been Madeline's and Cohen's first days at school. Such unique and incredible journeys for both of them and life memories permantley etched in my mind. Our wedding anniversary marked an important time in our life.......i love DH more and more everyday and feel blessed that we share our lives together........i am lucky to spend every day with this man and i treasure every moment!!
On the homefront, we have shared many meals together outdoors, enjoying the sun and the creatures that chose to visit our garden. Bulbs have been planted in preparation for spring and all the plants have been mulched and fertilised, ready for the cooler months. Work has been underway to make a sewing room for me (so i can vacate the dining room table!!) and it has been a larger task than first thought, but it is all slowly coming together.
As for the craft..........well i completed another UFO.......the house quilt........and i do adore it!! My first machine quilting experience........i can only get better from here lol..........i have taken on a few more projects this month.......aka the log cabins and the scarf, but its all good.......im loving doing what im doing and doing what i love!!!
As for blogger.......this whole experience has helped me grow and has given my so much confidence.......i want to thank everyone for the lovely comments and emails i have recieved, i treasure them all, it keeps me moving forward. I have loved reading everyones blog and seeing what inspires them..........there r so many talented women out there.......im proud to be a part of it all.
Cooler months now for me.
Take care, my friends.


  1. What a nice way to reflect on the past few months, I really enjoy reading your blogs. We are waiting for spring to arrive, the bulbs are trying to bloom but we got another dusting of snow last night. We've had some very sunny and warm days, just enough to confuse the blooms.

  2. Here Near Philadelphia we are busily awaiting the crocus and snowdrops to peer through the dirty snow to show us that spring is, in fact, going to come.

    I did enjoy your lovely post.

  3. Simply stated, I'm praying this gentleman finds his grand daughter..soon. Thank you for sharing such a bittersweet story, and for sharing about your wonderful upbringing of elders around you. You are truly blessed!


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