Thursday, February 15, 2007

First Day at High School

It was all excitement this morning as it was Maddi's first day at High School.....i must admit i got all teary when i dropped her off, seems like yesterday she was holding my hand and starting Kinder!!
She was very nervous but she came home all excited after having a great day. She was very happy that she got into the creative writing class ( she loves to write) and she made 2 new friends. I was at work, worried sick about her all day, but it seems that i am just overprotective lol.
Not a lot of time for sewing today, but i did manage to start piecing the kids art work quilts. I have decided to make them into two for MIL and one for my sewing room. This is how far i got with Cohens:

Ill just work on these for the next few days while im working. For a long time now, I have wanted to make a "log cabin" quilt and a "baltimore" quilt and even though i have got all these other projects on the go at the moment I have decided to start making some log cabin blocks and see how i go. I had a practice with one tonite:

I not sure i actually like this layout, i would like the red centre square to be bigger. I have seen some fantastic log cabin quilts in bloggerland and im sure the centre was more prominent....might do some surfing later for another pattern.
One of these days i will tackle a Baltimore quilt!!
Happy sewing.

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