Monday, February 5, 2007

Garden Blocks 4 & 5

Ive really being having fun with these little stitcheries. Heres Block 4.....Potting Plants and Block 5.....Seed Packets. Originally i had planned on just having them there to do between projects but im enjoying them so much i seem to be finding more and more time to stitch them............maybe i will have them finished by the end of the year.
Well Ive been practising the machine quilting on a scrappy piece and ive done some research on the net and today i watched a DVD with some clear concise instructions (plus they made it look so easy). I now know that a walking foot is best for straight stitching and slight curves but u need an open toe foot or a free motion foot for more intricate patterns or stippling. This is good news to me cause now i dont feel inadequate with my progress.
I always hand quilt, i love the look and i love curling up in a chair, quilt drapped over me, stitching away. I did machine quilt one quilt many years ago and needless to say it wasnt impressive but it was and still is, a much loved quilt for the whole family....whenever any of us have been ill, we have snuggled on the couch with that quilt around us.....nites were baby cohen needed a feed or just a cuddle, out came the quilt to keep us warm.
So I have this new found appreciation for all those who machine quilt. It is a lot of work and its a skill i intend to master ( i guess in the same way i tackled learning to hand quilt.........tears, frustration and sheer joy when all went well)......first step i guess is to jump right in and quilt something, so its a basting day for me tommorrow!!!.........wish me luck!!!
Happy quilting,

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  1. Nice embroideries. How do you get them from the book to the fabric?


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