Garden Blocks 6 & 7

Blocks 6 & 7 of my Garden Quilt have been completed, which is great as my goal for March is to have up to Block 9 stitched......these are personal favorites of mine:

These blocks r called "Dovecote" and "Birdbath" and as we know, near and dear to my heart r all things "birdy" lol. The background fabric is definetly my favourite at the moment, DH brought me half a metre for my birthday last year and after using most of it i had to go and "stock up". That olive green colour is just wonderful!!!
The pink fuschia's come from my garden, just when u think all the summer blooms r over, take a trip around ur garden and hidden in the corner is a these, the tree is just a mass of this lovely colour.
Today both kids went to school, so i went to MIL's and while i loaded her washing machine we talked and i knitted..........scarf is progressing nicely, except Mum insisting on playing with the scarf while i was trying to knit lol.......she loves its softness (do i have time to make one for her???? yeh!!!)..........the rest of the day was grocery shopping and sewing my loggies.
Happy sewing!!!


  1. Gosh your stitching is beautiful -love those blocks! I'm looking forward to seeing the finished project!

  2. Love that stitchery and the green is perfect choice. The pink fuschia adds that special touch to the picture.


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