Saturday, February 17, 2007

Kids Art Quilts-1

After work, I completed the first quilt top using the kids artwork. This one is to hang in my sewing room:

This has been a fun project and its a permanent reminder of the kids drawing and writing skills and their hand sizes. I have started to cut the squares for the other one, which is for my MIL's birthday in May. Both of these i will machine quilt because it will give me more practise plus its too darn hot to be doing any hand quilting!!!
Earlier tonite we had a family DVD nite complete with Hotdogs, Cheesecake and a copy of "The Wild"....great movie, DS laughed so much throughout the movie, i think he forgot to eat lol It was a fun nite, a great way to spend time together....its hard to do much with this heat, they forcasted thunderstorms for this afternoon and we still waiting, it would be great to just cool things down a bit so sleeping is easier!!!
Just 2 more days at work then 2 days off....hooray!!
Hope ur day was great!!


Wendy said...

What a special reminder of your kids artwork. Your choice of fabrics and colour is perfect. Enjoy the sunny days with a cool drink.

Kali said...

This is special, and will look great hanging up.

I hope you're enjoying the weekend, and not getting too hot.
I'm trying to find cool spots to spend my time in. Trying to sew has been too hot.

Anne said...

What a wonderful idea! Enjoy the summer:-) Have in mind us with cold an wet weather, then the heat won't be a problem:-)

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