Kids Art Quilts- 2

Dont u just love those days when u feel productive??? Well today i had one of those days where my energy levels seemed limitless. I started the morning getting the washing up to date and headed off to the new sewing room for some days end i almost finished half of the room, going to buy some curtains tomorrow and should be ready to post some pictures by the weekend. I also got the 2nd kids art quilt top pieced and the 1st one basted ready for quilting:

The colours are a little different on this one as i had to consider my MIL's colour scheme. I also got 4 log cabins completed (or "loggies" as i like to call them). So i really feel like im making a dent in some of the projects im working on.

Maddi is an avid reader(just like her dad) and today she brought home some new books which appealed to me. They r part of a series of fictional diaries, all set in England:

We chose one each to start reading and although they r aimed at loving mine. Im reading the Great Plague and its so interesting to get a glimpse of what life was like in the 1600's. One particular part stands out for me............she is talking about a "old" woman who has passed away in her sleep at the great age of different and lucky we r today, where life expectancy is far greater.
Hope u had a great day!!!.......................Log Cabin Tally:22 blocks


  1. Congrads on your productive day! Yea, those are the best. The quilt lots lovely! As for children's books, they are my favorite.

  2. I love those productive days! Good luck with the painting.

  3. Had to giggle about the book reading... There is always a danger when I'm dusting the bookshelves of finding an interesting kid's title and sitting down to read instead of continuing with housework.

    Love the kid's art quilt. What a lovely idea for grandparents.


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