Log Cabin Fever

My research on the log cabin block provided great reading and so many possiblilities for the piecing and the layout of the log cabin quilt i want to make. At work today, all i was thinking about was how i was going to tackle this project......so i came home, got organised and started sewing.....these little guys (4") r addictive, i got 6 sewn tonite:

They r so much fun to stitch but i guess that will wear off as i have so many to make. I like these ones better than the one i made last nite, because the centre block is bigger........this is a great project to clear out some of my stash.
The weather here is so hot, its hard to spend the time u want doing what u love.......it was so uncomfortable at work today and the weekend promises to be hotter!!!......oh well, i just keep thinking bout that sewing cabinet i ordered and it makes work more pleasurable lol
We are getting organised for the Hobart Craft fair this year....we r going as a family (girls to the Craft Fair and boys to ......umm wherever they want lol)......I went last year and loved it!!!.......I had a fantastic time with a great friend (aka the lurker) and we both really enjoyed it!! I love these events.......they inspire u, give u great ideas and open u to new experiences....roll on March 31st!!!!
Back to stitching, enjoy ur weekend!!


  1. About 6 years ago I made pieces for a hand stitched primitive Americana quilt. Is it done? sigh...no.

    You amaze me with how much you accomplish! Wow!

  2. Your log cabin blocks are coming along nicely. I like the larger centre square you've chosen as well. I know how hard it can be to do "anything" when it's hot. Keep goin...

  3. These look great! I like the larger centre square. Looking forward to seeing this project progress:-)

  4. Those definitely are precious memories. Thank you for sharing them. I also like your quote at the bottom of the page. I have been writing a whole bunch of them down - about achieving goals - as I am reading my book.


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