Quilt Complete!

The bindings are on and the "Strolling the Block" quilt is now complete. For my first proper attempt at machine quilting, Im really happy with the way it turned out. I probably made every mistake in the book with this quilt, but i have learned a lot and i have completed my 5th UFO for the year!!
Well now it is complete, my biggest problem is where to put it lol It is more of a decoration quilt because of all the buttons and ribbons and DMC threads made to look like straw....its not really something u can snuggle under. I have had a couple of offers from people to take it off my hands but i think i can find somewhere for it!
DH got my new sewing room/office cleared out completely over the weekend, so i went down there today and started a bit of painting. I have chosen a lovely warm shade of green with white trimmings. It really is a large space, plenty of room to put in furniture (desk, sewing cabinet, cutting table, bookcase, lounge etc etc) and still be able to baste quilts on the floor. Ill post some before and after photos later on, when we have a bit more progress.
We collected DS uniforms from school today, ready for next Tuesday (his first day of Kinder). He was so excited and had to try them all on...........he looked so grown up!! both myself and DD had tears in our eyes (how am i going to be when he does actually leave me for the whole day!!...i hope im rostered on at work, so i got something to distract me just a little bit)
A big thank you to all the people who stopped by and left such kind comments for our Wedding Anniversary....it was touching and greatly appreciated.
Back to my stitching!


  1. Your quilt turned out great. It would look nice displayed on a wall. Perhaps in your new sewing/office space.

  2. Happy Valentines Day my beautiful wife, hope you day is full of luv and fun

    Luv u 4eva xxx

    Your Doting Husband

  3. That is one of the cutest quilts I've seen, my favorite is the chicken block :) Happy belated anniversary! xoxo melzie

  4. This is such a beautiful quilt. I agree that it will look great in your newly painted space!

    Your husband is so sweet. And you have a son who is going to kinder, so he is around 5-6, right? And a daughter who is starting high school so she is 14-15? Just making sure that the words mean the same there as they do here. Our school year starts in September, but I do remember that it started closer to the new year when I lived in Africa.


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