To market, to market to buy..........

.........Another birdhouse!!!, some juicy apricots and some vintage buttons.....all for the bargain price of $8.......gotta love a bargain. We had a lovely morning poking around all the stalls, the kids got a few bits and pieces and DH got some books ( his greatest hobby is reading). There was a lot of great stuff there, but u have to limit urself sometimes due to space in the house. I contemplated buying this gorgeous old cane and metal dolls pram, i could see myself making a lovely quilt and pillow set and putting a beautiful doll in it, but i was strong (might go back out there next sunday and see if its still there lol).
We took the kids to Mcdonalds for lunch and we sat outside chatting and laughing (DS can really be funny....hes such a gem, the things he says sometimes!!!). This afternoon i set the kids a task, one that DD loved, she loves to be creative. I have decided to make my dear MIL a wall hanging quilt for her birthday in May, so i cut some squares and the kids created their own blocks with markers.......heres some of the results:
It will make a very personal gift for her and the kids love seeing what they have made being turned into something special. I also want to make one for my "new" sewing room/office (when its finished)......we did manage to do some more clearing out and the space is just getting bigger and bigger. We are hoping to have it almost empty by next weekend. It really is amazing how much stuff u accumulate and im being more holding onto things we dont use!!
Another great day for us, hope urs was too!!!!

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