150 Done- 230 to Go!!

My basket is slowly filling up and i have reached my March goal of 150 blocks for my Log Cabin Quilt:

Even after 150 of these, they r still a pleasure to sew......for the last few years, any quilts i have made has either involved applique or stitchery, so a fully pieced quilt has been delightful. I am using only fabric from my stash, so im slowly whittling down my stash of creams (some of those r "what where u thinking when u brought this???" fabrics!!!) but they r working really well.

I am really itching to start piecing these into blocks, but i have to wait until they r all sewn so i can mix and match them throughout the quilt. I have been really disciplined, aiming for 4 blocks to be sewn everyday (which takes me close to an hour and a half)......some days i have gotten 8 done and other days like the last 2 (because i have been quilting the Angel Quilt) i havent done any.........now i need to set a realistic goal for how many i can sew in April!!

Quilting is finished on the Angel Quilt (as of 10am this morn!!!).......so this weekend, between shifts at work, ill do the binding!!!..........and my newly adopted chair has been sanded, repairs made and holes filled and it has been primed ready for painting ( just boring white, im afraid!!!).......its not very comfortable (an office chair would have been better lol) but i dont want to spend to much time in the office part of the room........i want to be in front of the sewing machine!!!!!

Maddi is home from camp, tired but full of wonderful stories of her great experience.......its fantastic to have her home safe and well (and with a load full of laundry!!!)........and if u ever need to know how to make a raft that is durable.......she can email u the instructions!!! lol

Happy quilting my friends!!!!



  1. Bravo .. keep plugging away and before you know it, your top will be done!

  2. Wow, that's going to be one sweet looking quilt! Looking forward to seeing the completed result. Happy quilting!

  3. Congratulations on both the loggiess and the Angels quilt! It's impressive what you get done!

  4. Keep at it. Its surprising how quickly things sneak up and suddenly they're finished.

  5. I love love love Log Cabin blocks, and I'm working myself up to starting another LC quilt with small blocks. Your picture may just be the nudge I need!

  6. For ever wonderfil - Log Cabins!
    Love your blog, seeing what you are working on and see finishing all your projekts!


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