And then the Cotton Ran Out!!!!

I had a day off work today and quilted my Angel quilt with a gusto.........till the cotton ran out!!! still be there now, but alas i have to wait till tomorrow morning to buy some more. It is so close to completion, it all just flowed nice and easy today and was quite enjoyable.....oh well, tomorrow ill sew again.

After dropping Maddi off at school (she left for her camp this morning and i miss her so much already!!!.....but i bet shes having a great time!!).........i made sure the housework was all done and then headed out to the sewing room, excited to spend the whole day was the longest time ive spent out there without painting or setting up.........just sewing!!! Armed with coffee, my phone and my trusty companion DS (who BTW talked non stop while i sewed lol) the day went according to plan.

I did come inside for an hour or so to cook dinner and make some treats for my MIL:

For as long as i have known her, once a week she and her friends have got together for the day and played cards (poker, mainly) i have been invited to one of these gatherings on many occasions but ive never actually gone but i do cook for them whenever the "game" is at Mums we got a carrot loaf on the left (straight from the oven so it wasnt iced when i photographed it) and a date loaf on the right............i also baked a Egg and Bacon Pie for DH, his favorite (right) and on the left is a Tuna and Spinach Quiche.........ill take some of the Quiche to my MIL's.....because she is 82 and recently widowed, i worry about her not cooking for herself. She is adamant that she wants to live alone, so i cook things and take them up to her, so i know she is looking after herself......... i hide all the veges in things i know she will eat (just like feeding kids really lol)..........she would never eat spinach or tuna but mix it with other flavours and she loves it!!!!...........u should see how i hide mushrooms and corn, but i think shes on to me lol

Happy quilting!!!

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  1. That's really nice of you to cook for your mother in law. I went to the quilt shop today and had a look at your patterns. they look very professional and your samples were beautiful. You do wonderful work, very beautiful stitching and lovely colours.


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