Basting and Quilting

Its official....i dont like basting!!! after delivering my patterns to the quilt shop i came home all set to baste, which i did, but its a back breaking, time consuming (and all important) part of quilting. Tonite my shoulders ache, my back aches but my angel quilt is all ready for quilting and i must admit i had to try a little section to see how its going to look:

So it is coming along slowly but at least its started!!!.........ill get a bit more done tomorrow before the late shift at work and then i can work on it over the weekend (my weekend off, hoooray!!!).......i have such huge borders around this quilt id like to attempt some meandering or stippling, but not sure if i dare!!
I havent been well these last two days......sinus infection, which made it difficult at work yesterday......i had a massive headache and found it difficult to more shift and then im looking forward to an easy weekend and catching up on some sleep and recuperating with my family!!
My sewing cabinet was due to arrive crossing fingers it will be here tomorrow so we can put it together over the thing i have learnt, it doesnt matter how much notice u give when u order something, it never arrives on time!!
Happy quilting!!


  1. Sorry to read you have been ill. Hope you're feeling better now! Take it easy this weekend :o) I'm not very fornd of basting either, but it has to be done. You've done it, and hurrah for that! Your quilting looks great so far!

  2. I've got sinus problems too. It must be something in the air.Basting is a curse isn't it, I do mine on the floor so I get aching knees, aching back and aching neck.

  3. Love your angel quilt ... you're right, basting is hard on the back and legs if you do it on the floor, like I do! But it sure makes a big difference with your quilt when you take the time to baste, baste and baste again. Hope you're feeling better!


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