Garden Block #8

This is Block number 8 of the Garden Quilt, titled "Weeding the Garden":

Now weeding is a task i must do again in the next few weeks, before it gets too cold. The Jasmine plant, is right outside by sewing room window, so when i move in, i can open the window and enjoy the fragrance. It is just massive and shades the room, right where i plan on putting my sewing cabinet.

I have spent the last few days quilting the Kids Art Quilts, working, looking after the house, my patient and supportive family and then stitching at night..........the bindings on the quilts are on and im just stitching them to the backs, add some hangers and i can strike another goal off my March list!!!!

Maddi had a school excursion today and had a wonderful day..........Cohen didnt have such a great day, he had a little "tiff" with one of the boys in his class (he wanted to spend some time alone and the other little boy kept sitting next to him and annoying him .......oh dear) it broke my heart to see him upset but i guess this is all a part of growing up and interacting with other children. We sat down and had a talk with him and he seemed happier by the time he went to bed.

Well tommorrows Friday and i gotta work..........and Fridays r always busy!!!!.......ill take comfort in knowing that waiting for me at home r my wonderful family and my craft!

Happy sewing!!


  1. I love having fragrant flowers where I can smell them. I have peonies from my front door, and I used to have lavendar at the back door. I also have lilacs. Thank you for visiting my blog. Your blog looks great. I am going to take a look around, and have added you to my bloglines so I can come back for a visit now and then.

  2. What an adorable stitchery block, Rose! :D I can't wait to see the quilt all together. :) And oh my, that jasmine plant...right under your sewing window...oh, how heavenly!

  3. Love the stitchery block, can't wait to see more. The jasmine plant sounds wonderful, the smells are refreshing.

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  5. Just stop here ... a wonderful stichery blog - love all your gardeners blocks - so cute!

  6. You have designed some really cute blocks to stitch.

    Speaking of smelling the flowers - I sure hope spring comes soon, I miss the smell of the flowers outside.

  7. The Garden Quilt block this your design? If so, please tell me how to order it!

  8. I like the stitchery where you see the lady weeding in the garden. Is it the Jasmine on the picture? It looks very nice. And you are going towards winter when we here in the North are going towards the summer. I like when the seasons change, do you?


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