Garden Block #9

I have reached another goal for March by stitching the 9th design for the garden quilt:

This block is called "Smelling the Roses" and i must just reiterate that this quilt is designed by Annie Downs.......who also designed the Angel quilt, which i have half quilted!!!

It was back to work for me today, so not a lot happening in the sewing room, or though i did sew 4 of my loggies while i chatted to DD about her day (and DS when he dropped in from time to time), just before i cooked dinner. I love my conversations with her and i am trying to keep the conversation open. Her first year at High School has proved to be an "eye opener" and there is so much to discuss. DH has been feeling, for some time now, that his relationship with her has changed, they dont seem to talk like they used we decided to repair that!!!.......we have never enforced chores on the kids (we have tried from time to time but we found it easier to just ask them to help with things as they needed doing) but we looked back to the one time when DH and I had time to chat.........that was usually when we done the now after dinner and a throw of the frisbee or the ball or a game of French Cricket.........DS and I clean his room and i bath him while DH and DD do the dishes.........and they talk and laugh and its great to hear!!! DH is really making an effort, asking tonnes of questions and its flowing into easy conversation.

There is no "sure fire" way to deal with teenagers but im a firm believer in talking and talking and finding out whats going on in their lives. They have so much to deal with and i dont want either of my kids to feel alone.......we dont want to judge, just listen, just guide and hopeful help them through the important years .........their problems, in comparison to ours, may be trivial, but they r huge to them and DH and I want to be there every step of the way!!! day at a time, trying every angle......we parent!!

Well the rest of my March goals seem achievable but my shifts at work are "big" loggies r on track, and my Angel quilt is at least half completed (Wednesday, ill quilt as much as i can!!!!) and i have to finish the stitiching on my Threadbare design and then piece it into another happy to achieved so much already this month.............reach for the stars and ull always touch the treetops!!!!

Happy quilting my friends,


  1. Hi Rose, You guys sound like wonderful parents. I agree with keeping the communication open between our's so important, and spending time with them too.

    I love your Garden Block stitching and your new sewing room is great...Well Done, you are always so busy and get so much done.
    I love dropping by for a visit, when I can. (:

  2. What a lovely block. I look forward to seeing the rest.

  3. Another lovely stitchery block you have made! Makes me wonder if I need to get that book, too :o) Nice to read you are half way quilting the Angels quilt - you'll see you'll finish it before to long :o)


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