Good and Bad News!!

I have alot to be excited about this weekend........even after long shifts at work!!!......firstly i am almost finished the bindings on my Angel Quilt (back to them before bed!!!) and i got my copy of the "craft friend" for the Hobart Craft Show next weekend.

I have been sitting at my desk (notice a snippet of the newly painted chair, complete with tied on cushion for comfort!!!), looking through the guide, getting more excited by the minute. I have a "wish list" of purchases for the fair, on top of the list a new pair of scissors (mine keep catching from time to time) and some fat quarters for my "loggies" and everything else that takes my fancy lol.

It should be a great weekend......we booked in to a hotel not far from the venue and the girls r going to the Craft show while the boys go shopping and visiting some friends.......then we got Sunday to check out all the old towns between there and (antique shops)!!!!!........i cant wait, all these hours at work equal spending money!!! thats how i keep motivated lol.

So for the bad news.......i went down to the sewing room after dinner etc, to sew some loggies and i just had to play.......i got all this floor space so i began laying them out to see how they would look as a quilt........i think my maths is off!!! do the quilt i see pictured in my head i may need another row ( i really have to remember seam allowances grrrrrrr)......which equates to another 96 blocks!!!..........i tried to come up with some other options, but they r not what i i have decided not to panic........just keep going with the original goal in mind and see how i go........i envision some marathon "loggie" sessions in the next few weeks!!!

However this far this quilt is looking so beautiful.......i want it to look the way i see it, so if it takes an extra 96 blocks.......ill sew them!!!

Hope ur weekend was great!!!

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  1. Who would have thought we needed so much math to make a quilt! I always seem to spend extra time figuring out my "quilt math" LOL


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