Home Alone

A typical day for me starts at 6am....after toast(or porridge) and coffee and a quick glance at the paper, i hit the shower and start the housework. I like to have all the beds made, washing hung out, dishes washed and plants watered before i take the kids to school....today all was as according to plan!!!

I had a day at home alone.....time to get heaps done hmmmmm lol.

My first task was to tackle the groceries ( and i say tackle because i detest grocery shopping!!). First aisle into the weekly grind and i met up with a mother whose son goes to school with Maddi.......now this is a lady that i only just know to say "hi" to when we meet in the schoolyard (and its been this way for 8 years!!!) but today we struck up this conversation......and i must say it was lovely......we both share the same concerns for our children and we talked like we had been friends for all that time.......we talked for some time and then we both set about the weekly shop.

After the groceries were put away i headed out to the sewing room for the last wall and a half of painting........i estimated an hour (which actually took closer to 2, including the cleaning of the brushes etc etc) and then i had lunch.......a date scone i brought from the bakery!!! while i started to sew the loggies id cut yesterday. While sewing i began imagining the carpet for my room and finally succumbed to picking up the phone and spending time talking to people about carpet.......getting prices, styles etc ........by then it was "i gotta do a second coat before the kids get home".............so back down i went to paint some more and finally............the sewing room is painted!!!!.......(i had to soak the brushes while i got the kids but they got cleaned eventually lol).

After making the kids an afternoon tea and reading Cohen his new library book and filling in one of the countless forms Maddi brings home these days..........i peeled the veges and while they began to boil.......i sewed my loggies!!!

Which was what i was doing when my mobile rang and Dot from the quilt shop informed me that that she needed more patterns......quick lol......i was so happy, she ordered another 10........so that meant after a lovely family dinner and a bath for Cohen........i printed patterns in between washing dinner dishes and packing bags for tommorrow!! And then finally i got to sit with the family and stitch and enjoy some wonderful "triple chocolate chip" cookies Maddi made:

Sounds like a chaotic day i know!..........but ill go to bed tonite, tired but knowing that i used every minute of today as if its my last!!
Bring on tommorrow!!


  1. WOW...you made me tired just reading about your day...I know what you mean about feeling good you've accomplished so much in one day. Cute coffee cup pincushion, will be a nice addition to your sewing room.

  2. Well done with selling your patterns. I'll have to go in and have a look. Your day sounds busy but productive, the best combination.


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