The Importance Of Family

Todays post is inspired by a visit i had yesterday from this lovely gentleman who really touched my heart. He was an elderly man (he reminded me of my late grandfather) and he was searching for his grandaughter, whom he hadnt seen since she was "very little". Apparently after a bitter family break-up, her mother moved her interstate and he had not seen her since....she is now in her late 20's. His search led him to our doorstep as he was following up a lead that gave him our address as being her new residence. We have been here 19 years and did not have any knowledge of his grandaughter or of the person who gave him our address. This sweet man visibly deflated as i talked to him.........he had been so dedicated, making several trips to our home, after a 2 1/2 hr drive each way, only to find no one home to answer his questions!!! but he kept trying till i met him yesterday. I really wish i had offered to help more with his search but he seemed intent of leaving as not to bother me further.
Even now, posting this story, makes me appreciate the the relationships i have with my family. When i was born i was a 5th generation on my mothers side and a 4th generation on my fathers side, so my childhood was spent with grandmas and grandpas, great grandmothers and great grandfather and great great grandmothers. I have unique and special memories of all of them. Grandparents tend to have more time and patience and so much love to share (parents are always stressing about raising u....until they become grandparents themselves lol) There were wonderful family xmas's and family holidays......time spent on the phone just chatting......hours spent crafting or tending the garden and simple things like how my grandfather could peel an apple in one piece or how we would spend a friday nite, shelling peas ( and in my case, eating as many as i could)..........i could literally go on and on!!
Both of our children have fantastic relationships with their grandparents.......i truly believe it is an important part of growing up and when they lost their grandfather 6 months ago, Maddi spoke at his funeral, saying her goodbyes, on behalf of her and her brother, which was special!!
I truly hope this man finds his grandaughter..........they both deserve a relationship and i am so thankful for the times i have had with mine.
Back to stitching!!!!


  1. Thanks for commenting on my block. It is sad when families break apart. Life is short. I do hope that gentlement reunites with his grandaugher. Keep well!

  2. I hope he finds his granddaughter but then we may never know.
    Thanks for thinking of me for the chicken pincushion, I would love to see it. I'm not sure if my email will work, I don't know how to change that.

  3. I like you truely value the importants of family. I have always made sure my sons have contact with grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins etc. This may we are travelling from Darwin, Tennant Creek and Adelaide to fly to Melbourne to catch up with more rellies

  4. This is such a sweet post about family. I do hope the man finds his granddaughter. It is sad how family rifts can break apart a family, usually caused by misunderstandings.

    I think it is great that you were able to meet and be around your great-grandparents. I did spend time with my grandparents, but my grandfather died when we were young, and my grandmother and we moved to different countries, and I didn't get to see her very much after that.


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