Kids Art Quilts Complete

Strike two for March......the Kids Art quilts r complete:

Heres the one for my sewing room (and a sneak peak of the wall colour!!!!)

And here's the one for my MIL..........i actually prefer this one, but thats ok....i chose not to add a hanger cause i think this will look great on this blackwood table she has in the lounge room...........just a short post tonite, i been working all day and got the early shift tomm (and already tired lol).......long weekend here!!!

Hope u enjoy every minute!!!!


  1. Those kids art wall hanging and table quilt look great! And I'm thinking your MIL will be thrilled :o) By the way: seeing your Angels quilt made me go out and get Anni Downs' book - there is another dozen projects for me to make sometime in the future :o) Happy quilting! And congratulations on finishing two lovely quilts!

  2. I think these quilts are a great idea. Our kids grow up so quickly you will be glad you captured a moment in time.
    I bet your MIL loves it too, I know mine would.

  3. Your kids art work looks wonderful with the sashing. That's something to cherish as they grow up.

  4. really cool! definitely something that will be cherished for years!

  5. Great kid´s art! I´ve sewn some kindergarten-quilts and love to work with blocks designed by kids. It´s a unique work - just catching the moment.
    Tahnk you for stopping at my blog!

  6. What a wonderful idea. Those are cute. Thanks for sharing your talent. Happy quilting!

  7. These are so beautiful. I love the fabric you chose for the border / sashing, and the diagonal quilting. I also like the quilt hanger.


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