March Reflections

I know its not quite the end of the month but im going to post my March reflections tonite, because tommorrow we r going to Hobart for 3 days for the Craft fair.

March has again been a wonderful month for myself and my family.......a personal highlight for me was definitley moving into my sewing room, im still currently personalising my space with family photos, flowers, cushions etc etc, i have an inspiration wall for all the things i love (which is filling up nicely), im still waiting on a computer, but hey thats a non important just loving working in this bright sunny room as much as i can.

I finished my Angel quilt, which was a big UFO for me and each one i do just inspires me to move forward to the next loggies r coming along sooooooo well and now i have pieced on 16" block and have it on my display wall, i am driven to finish this beautiful goals for March were completed except for my Threadbare design (which is just so close to completion!!!......add to the April list)...and i sold some of my patterns!!! proud of me!!!

The family is thriving!!! Maddi had a fanatastic camp to Port Sorrell, she is loving school and making many new friends (boys and girls, mainly boys grrr lol), and she is doing really really well at school.......Cohen has just taken to school so well, and im happy to report that the other little boy he had a "tiff" with earlier in the month is now his closest friend!!!! (they r inseperable according to his teacher) and he is just adapting so well to the new experiences......the library book he brings home every week is his nightly choice for a story!!!.......and DH how can i thank him for the work he put into my sewing room, making it a great space for me!!!......he was just amazing (even with the carpet laying lol).......he works so hard and then he would come home and repair this and patch that and build something else or hang another thing for lucky am i???

On a sad note, i had a phone conversation with Dot from the quilt shop, she closes her shop on April 24th.....its a great thing for her, she has had enough, not so great for me!!......we have a limited choice of quilt shops here and hers was "by far" the most friendly and warm enviroment, ill miss her warm smile and the way she calls me and my family by name and most importantly her great advice and her confidence in me........she is a true gem!!!

Craft fair for me the next few gunna let my hair down, soak up the inspiration and "spend"!!!! lol.........seriously considering one of these fabric diets for April!!!!

Thanks for ur wonderful and encouraging comments.......take care all!!!!



  1. What a wonderful sum-up of your month, Rose! It looks like you had a busy and fulfilling March. Congratulations on achieving your goals for the mont(almost)! You have every right to be proud of yourself! I just love reding your blog! -and will be reading you in weeks and months to come :o) Sorry to read your LQS will be closing, but wishing you lots of fun at the craft fair! Take care!

  2. It is nice to sit back and reflect on time well spent. Now you can look forward to what April will have in store.

  3. beautiful picture. you have had a very productive March


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