My Space!!

After an exhausting weekend........ive moved in to the sewing room......still a way to go, but its functional and i sewed some loggies in there tonite, so im offically moved in!!! The carpet shopping went well....first two shops closed, third shop had to order what we needed (another delivery to wait for!!!), fourth shop had stock!!!! we brought from as for carpetlayers, DH and I are much better at other things lol but we did it!!! so heres a tour:

Heres the sewing cabinet again, now filled with all my bits and pieces.......i especially love the wooden box u can see on the left hand corner........this was my late FIL's and i have filled it with cotton reels......great and easily accessible.........the large cane basket is filled with all my "big" fit with a push and a shove, ill sort it all later!!!........cane basket on the stool in the corner holds my loggies and the cross stitch in the frame is older than me lol kidding (its an eternal WIP lol).......ok moving on:

Here is where i will do all my cutting........i love recycling and this set of mix match drawers only needed a top to fit the it has been lined with carpet remnants and houses all my fat drawers hold my UFO's........ironing board to the left (needs a new cover....tomorrows task!!!)
Now to the business end of the room:

This is where my office will the coming weeks ill have a desk and a computer, the framed picture is my Business Certificate.......which im so proud of!!!....the cabinet is again recylced from my inlaws........a clean and a coat of furniture polish and now it hold all of my pens, pencils, envelopes, stamps, sketch pads etc etc......and i love it......need to make a quilt for it hmmmm!!!..............i also need a bookcase for the other corner and shelves and bits and pieces to personalise my space, but im in no enjoying what i already have.......i had planned to blog before and after pictures to see how we had tranformed this room, but to those who have already been in it (the lurkers lol) u will appreciate the time and effort we have it is a sunny, bright wonderful space for me...........and as a last note on this post.........DH and the kids brought me a present today to celebrate........i love it:

How great is this clock??? guessing this is to remind me, not to spend to much time in the new room lol...........i love them dearly!!!!!
Hope ur weekend was great!!!


  1. You are so lucky to have a space to call your own. I have to share the study with the kids and the computer and take over the kitchen table. Love the clock too.

  2. I'm in agreement with Leigh. You *are* so fortunate to have 'A Room of Your Own'! I share my office with the family. This room is also the guest room, sewing room, craft room and storage room. sigh. Trust me, there will be *no* pictures! lol

  3. Rose, the room looks perfect! A place where you can enjoy your quilting and run your buisness. I really hope it is running well, and that you will have years and years to enjoy your "sewing office" :o) And the clock is lovely and really fits in with everything :o)

  4. Your sewing room is shaping up nicely. Isn't it wonderful to have a space all "your own". I'm sure you will spend long hours being creative. Have fun.

  5. It looks like such a great sewing space. It is so nice to have a little space to call your own - and when your finished you can just leave things where they are and close the door.

    Very pretty clock. Great gift. Have fun in your new sewing room.

  6. What a lovely room! The wall color is perfect!


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