A New Project

Sometimes u find the greatest things when u not really looking and today i found a chair lol.....simple object i know, nothing to get terribly excited about, but this chair has become my new project (can u hear DH groaning as i type this lol):

I went to my MIL's this morning to deliver her cakes and quiche and to do her weekly wash of sheets and towels, change the batteries in her smoke alarms, mend another pair of trousers and check her mail, when she asked me what was left in the "top" shed of my late FIL's.......there amongst the cobwebs and bits and pieces ........was this wooden chair.......complete with a story....i love a story!!!..........my inlaws had a "shack" at Bellingham and apparentley they found this chair washed up on the beach.........they used it at the shack and then it was stored for many years until i found it today.........and rescued it...........a good sanding and a coat of paint and i have a chair for my desk in the sewing room...........no need to buy one of those chairs on castors, this one will only cost me elbow grease!!!!

I just want to say thank u to Jenny for her comment yesterday.......Im so glad u have seen my patterns and my samples (isnt Dot just the best!!!!) and thank u for ur kind words about my work........u would not believe how it has lifted my confidence!!!

Maddi comes home tomorrow!!!!

Great day!!


  1. What a treasure to find and what it will become once you put your personal touch to the chair. Lucky you!
    Many thanks for stopping by my blog!

  2. It is great to have furniture with history. Be sure to post a picture when it is finished.

    Thanks for leaving the nice comments about my charity quilting on my blog.

  3. I'm looking forward to seeing what you do with your chair. I'm sue it will look great.


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