Scarf Completed

Tonite i have crossed one of my goals for March off the list, and I love doing that!!! The scarf I was knitting for Maddi, is now complete!!

Well i think thats my knitting experience for 2007......ill just stick to stitching and quilting!!! She is really happy with it and it enhances her colourings (so the colour was a great choice) and for once Im totally organised and have made her one before winter lol
Ive been busy tonite (after work) packaging up my patterns to deliver tommorrow......ive sold 9 more and Im excited!!! To think there are people out there stitching something i have designed is extremley humbling.
It is really cold here tonite and the smell of smoke is so thick in the air, u can actually taste it......its so scary!! we have had extremley bad bushfires down here but this fire seems really close. There was thick black smoke earlier tonite, but that seems to have cleared........thank goodness for late nite TV, i think i might stay up for awhile longer and check out the blogs.
Happy sewing!!!

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