Tuesday, March 20, 2007

School Camp

Maddi is all packed and ready for her Grade 7 camp to Port Sorell on the North West Coast of Tasmania:

She leaves tomorrow(Wed) and returns on Friday.....we r going to miss her terribly and worry about her constantly but she is sure to have a great time...they r going to be building rafts, hiking, having a scavenger hunt and an Iron Man contest, a disco, BBQ's and swimming etc etc.......mmm sounds like fun, maybe i should have volunteered as parent help lol.......she is sharing a cabin with 5 of her friends and tonite she baked a batch of cookies to share with them and they have all packed those "forbidden" chocolates and lollies........they will have a ball!!!!!

It was another work day for me......after dropping the kids at school i had time to quickly shop for my new desk and bookcase for the sewing room (hubby and i put them together tonite!!!) and then i dropped in on DH (at his work) for a quick coffee and a lovely chat.

Not a great deal of sewing today, just 4 loggies and i cut out enough strips for 12 more!!! Tommorrow i have the day off, so i plan to quilt like mad on the Angel quilt.......i really wanna finish this one!!!! and it will be the first time i have extended my sewing cabinet and used the space.

Hope ur day has been great!!!


  1. What a great experience for your daughter, she will have a super time.
    You must be getting really excited about your sewing room.

  2. My daughter is going to Port Sorrell next weekend for a music camp. She is very excited.I'm sure your daighter will have a wonderful time.


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