The Sound of Silence

My day off today and all i wanted to do was spend the day the groceries were done super quickly and then i started........and it was so silent, DH was at work, kids were at school, so on went the radio (which personally im not a great fan of listening too!!!) really is a matter of adjusting to being all alone again.......but i did have a family favorite drop in for a visit:

This is our English Springer Spaniel, Mixie (long story about how she got her name!!)......shes 9 and the most affectionate and loyal soul. She loves us all for different reasons.......she looks to me for food, she looks to DH for a "rough and tumble" playtime, Cohen is her back yard friend who plays while she protects and Maddi is her one true love........this dog would do anything for Maddi and when shes around no one else exists!!!

So today we were kinda "kindred spirits"........we were both home alone so we spent the day in my sewing room.......and although she doesnt answer when i talk, her tail wagging tells all lol........i sewed 20 loggies today!!!! and Mixie got to share my lunch!!!

Happy quilting my friends!!!


  1. Rose I love reading about how you spent your day. My girls are older now so I don't see them much. It takes time to get used to spending the day alone. I really enjoy it most days but not when we've had many dark rainy days in a row.

  2. Hi, Rose! I looks like you had a productive day - despite the sound of silence :o) 20 loggies, that is real progress. Can hardly wait to see what you do with them! Take care!

  3. Your dog is wonderful. Joe and I love springer spaniels, but here in the USA they are breeding the freckles out of them and a pretty dog like yours is very rare. We'd like to get another black and white springer -- perhaps we need to come to Australia!

  4. love quiet days at home like that! congrats on finishing 20 loggies!


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