Colour Inspiration

I am so in need of a new project!!! Everything that i've got "on the go" at the moment is a long term project........i need a quick project, badly!!! My head is filled with new ideas, new designs and it didnt help that i visited the LQS today......solution, make sure all the chores r done, pack a lunch and then head down to the local park with pencil and paper.....and camera:

Autumn is in full swing........the grass is greening up, the trees r turning beautiful shades of gold and those rich reds:

Im a great lover of Autumn (and Spring).....cooler mornings, warm sunny afternoons and then cold nights where u snuggle under the quilt. And then u have the lovely earthy colours, the fallen leaves and the anticipation of the colder months ahead.

I headed back to my sewing room (complete with samples of my outing lol) and played around with different designs and colours.......bliss!!:

Looks like clutter, i know, but that how i design...........So i set about making a practise block and it has come up fine, just a few minor adjustments to my measurements (all i have is a picture, no instructions):

I just followed that "creative flow" aiming for a wallhanging but it could become a cushion or it may become a UFO lol........its just so great to be working on something new!!!

Happy sewing!!!


  1. Beautiful leaf Block. I think one of the most exciting things I've learned about with my on-line quilt friends is the amazing differences in seasons around the world. Sounds like you enjoy them.

  2. Spring is my favorite time of the year and for me it is spring. Everything is starting to turn green and it is starting to get warmer. Your leaf block is wonderful!


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