Finishes and New Beginings

Lots to share tonite....i have managed to mark a few things off my list. Firstly i have finished block 11 (a,b,c) of the Garden Quilt, just teeny, cute ones that are fillers :

These little guys can come visit my garden anytime!! I also finished 2 more SBS blocks (2 are waiting to be finished properly)

Amethyst and Cats and Mice
Im thinking of redoing the Amethyst one as its puckering a bit (may have been how i cut the material......still learning!!!) And i finally, finally finished the hand quilting of my Threadbare design (hooray!!!). Im really happy with how it turned out, now i just need to finish writing the instructions and i can start selling it:

With this one out of the way i can start planning Design 5, so i had a trip to the quilt shop today to search for just the right fabrics for the design i had in mind:

These r not usually my sort of colours (i tend to favour the stronger country colours) but this design calls for something pretty and feminine, so im sure it will be a good choice.

I went to say goodbye to Dot today at the LQS, she closes her doors tommorrow and she ordered 12 more patterns!!!! She is taking them with her to a quilt day on Saturday and is confident in selling them all!!! She is such a lovely lady, im going to miss visiting her and having a chat. It also looks like my samples will be passed on to another quilt shop on the coast, so hopefully ill sell more.

Enough from me.......getting sleepy here.
Happy quilting!!


  1. Dear, Rose!

    Congratulations on finishing Threadbare design #4!!! It looks as good as I thought it would - beautiful! And I look forward to seeing what you come up with using the new fabrics!

    Your Gardener's quilt must really be coming along as well :o) Looking forward to see the stitceries with fabrics! And eventually the quilt :o)

    And great job on the SBS blocks! I'm still postponing my amethyst block - not quite desided whether to use Y-seam construction or paper piecing... But I really enjoyed the Cats and Mice :o) Yours looks great!
    Take care!

  2. Great job on the SBS blocks, the colours look great and maybe a bit of ironing will do the trick on the wavy block. Your 4th design looks great and I wish you success with it. Take care.

  3. Congrats on the new pattern design, the border really finishs it nicely. You'll sell lots I'm sure.
    The mini stitcheries are oh so cute.

  4. No wonder you're getting sleepy. Look at the time on your post! Get to bed girl!! lol
    Your little stitcheries are adorable and your completed wall hanging is great. I just know you'll sell heaps.
    You are one talented lady my friend :-)

  5. Such a buzy lady. You've really been on a roll. Doesn't it feel good to get some things crossed off your list?


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