Happy Easter!!

Artwork courtesy of Cohen.........a beautiful patchwork egg!!!!

Tomorrow is Good Friday....all the Easter eggs have been brought (ready for Sunday!!), and lunch has been organised..... we r having Garlic and Herb Potatoes, Crumbed Fish with a Lemon and Pepper seasoning, Tuna Patties, Prawns, salads and my personal favorite....Hot Cross Buns!!!

My MIL is spending the day with us and after lunch we will all go out to the cemetery to lay some flowers for my FIL (Poppy Blue). The kids r all excited about the next few days and tonite they had a wonderful "preview"........my next door neighbour invited us over, after Id finished work, to share with their kids an "Easter Egg Hunt".........it was cold and dark, but arm the kids with a coat, torch and a plastic bag and they had the most amazing time!!! The adults did as well, trying to juggle our coffee cups and torches lol........and hey i found a newspaper, hidden in the garden, that hadnt been collected lol

I want to wish u all a happy and safe Easter........dont indulge to much on the chocolate (but how can u resist??? lol) and hopefully the 4 day break gives us heaps of time to quilt (cept i got 2 shifts at work).

Take care!!


  1. Hi, Rose!

    The egg Cohen made looks great! You have a very creative son! Please pay him my compliments :o)

    The "Easter Egg Hunt" sounds like a lot of fun - for grown-ups and kids :o)

    I wish you and your family a wonderful Easter!

  2. Wow Rose this blog is really great and your quilting is very lovely you should be very proud of all you have achieved this year already, I hope you and the whole family have a great Easter. No doubt i will see you when Maddi and Bianca get together from time to time, goodluck with evrything you do. Georgie

  3. Wishing you and your family a safe and peaceful Easter.


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