How good is your Math????

A few weeks ago, i mentioned to DH that if he was looking for something to buy me for Mothers Day, id love a copy of E Quilt 6.......being the darling his is, he looked it up on the net and the closest stockist for Tasmania is in Victoria.......he has been "on my back" since then to order a copy but i have felt guilty with the money it cost to renovate my sewing room, so i was hanging out till May.........anyway how i could have used this program in the last 2 days!!!!

I decided on the borders for my Threadbare Creations Design #4 and i just love them, but trying to get them to fit with the stitchery has been a i was good at Math at school......have i forgotten that much???? I have made it all work, the stitchery is not cut to how id like it to be BUT Im running with this layout:

This is the "only" way i could get it to sure u can see what im trying to do here!!......Oh how great a copy of E Quilt would have been........guess where im going now??? emailing the stockists.........i need a copy cause all my little scribblings r getting illegible, even to me lol

Happy Quilting!!


  1. Hi Rose glad to see you have completed one of your goals for April. I really love the stitchery design and the border looks terrific.
    Hope you are having a lovely easter and enjoying some chocky :-)

  2. It looks very good in the end. My math is terrible, I just put it down to Premenopausal brain syndrome.

    I have just recently purchased the EQ6 and I am quite enjoying playing around with it - so far I have not actually designed anything with it though :))

  3. Your latest design looks great! Is the design embroidery? I always get stuck on the math part of quilting too. I like to make up or modify designs and sometimes it stumps me.

  4. Your design looks wonderful, love the little 4 patches on point. I hope it all works out for you in the end.

  5. Very cool place you live....My math has given me more than one woe... You'll say time and money on the mistakes you'll save....Take care.

  6. Oh, Rose! I love your interpretation of "the spices of life"! I'd love thet in my kitchen! Forget all about math problems, and be pleased with a beautiful result!

    But to answer your question about how goo my math is: I was making 6 cut glass dish blocks the other day; well 12 HST for 6 blocks should be 72 HSTs, right? well 72 white squares cut in half stitched to 72 blue squres cut in half makes a few more than 72 HSTs :o) Meaning math is not my strong point *LOL* But the comfort is that I have 72 HSTs to play with!!!


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