I been tagged!!

When checking my emails tonite, i found i had recieved one from the lovely Leigh (im her imaginary blog friend lol), i love reading her emails!! and she tagged me. I thought, how sweet, i love these till i read my task..........i have to list:

My five favorite and inspirational blog sites!!!

Oh no!!! just five??? i have so many, its like telling me to pick out 5 of my favorite fabrics!!! Every nite, i wind down before bed with a coffee or a hot chocolate (or two lol) and i get my fix of all the blogs, then i cant sleep because i got so many ideas floating around in my head. Im inspired by all i read and see in blogland, mostly for the excellent quilting but also for the day to day things we do with our families or just those things we want to share.

Anyways here goes:

Anne- she is such a sweetheart. She leaves me the most encouraging comments and emails and isnt afraid to offer advice, which i love. I love her blog and check it every nite to see how she is progressing with those lovely SBS blocks. And Anne i have also been checking out the Elm Creek Quilting Novels and loving what i see so far!!!

Wendy- I always get excited when Wendy has a new post, she always has something beautiful to share. I would love to spend a day "picking her brain" about quilting, over coffee of course. She was one of the first people to leave comments on my blog and its her kindness that keeps me motivated to keep trying.

Tazzie- now this lovely lady can quilt. A fellow aussie and a truely inpirational quilter. She amazes me with what she achieves!!! and she is so humble, if i had made what she does id be screaming about it from the mountains lol and she has the most gorgeous kitten!!!

Jenny- another aussie, actually quite close to where i live who writes a fantastic blog. U get lost in her words, she has a true gift for writing and she makes the most amazing dolls. I just love visiting her blog!!

Leigh- i do love reading ur blog, ur comments and ur emails. its great to be able to share a laugh with u even if its at the expense of "hubbies" or tupperware parties. i love looking at your beautiful quilts and cant wait till that quilt camp (got my tent all organised lol)

Ohhhh there r so many others id love to include!!! There is so much inspiration in everyones blog and at times i find myself seeing something and thinking "such and such" would just love that!!!I love being apart of blogland.

To all the people on my list (except Leigh, cause u already been tagged) please consider urself tagged by me......hope u play along too and have some fun!!!

Take care,


  1. Aww, thanks for the nice words Hope you had fun :-)

  2. Oh wow, Rose! Thank you so much for the compliment! What an honour!

    Now I need to think! Who am I going to choose! I can't well choose you, can I? Although you would definitely be my first choice :o)

    Take care!

  3. I feel honoured to be tagged by you. Thanks for all the kind words. You would be my first choice for tagging but I guess I can't or can I?

  4. Ohhh, thank you Rose hon, you're sooooo sweet. Such lovely words from a fellow Aussie.
    *big hugs*


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