Lets Bowl!!

Today i took Cohen and Maddi and her best friend Bianca to the Bowling Alley for a little bit of fun before returning to school next week. They had a couple of games, then lunch and then they spent an hour or so in the games area (wheres the good old fashioned pinball games gone???). It was nice to sit back and relax and watch them all enjoy themselves.

Ive been in a bit of a slump these last few days, craftwise anyway. All i have felt like tackling were my "loggies" cause i love love love sewing them!!! I look at all the UFO's in the sewing room and they just dont hold any inspiration and im not going to tackle them while im feeling like that. Meanwhile i been in a cleaning frenzy!!! all the washing and ironing is up-to-date and ive been cleaning and sorting those areas that have lacked attention for awhile and ive had the cooking bug.....im sure this is just a temporary slump......i just try to fit too much in sometimes, family, work, home, quilting........must take my vitamins more regularly!!!!

That being said, i have been catching up on a lot of "quilt reading" and im enjoying the Elm Creek Quilt Novels and im soooooo loving that SBS quilt Anne, i wanna give it a go!!! and i been reading about the Civil War quilts, great reading!!!

Today was a great break for me, i didnt even take any stitching (which is unusual for me) i just sat back and laughed with the kids and enjoyed the inactivity, after dinner we spent 2 1/2 hours watching a DVD of the old TV series, The Muppets.......my fav show as a kid and its still funny!!!

Hope ur day was great too!!!!
Work tommorrow...grrrrr lol


  1. Looks like you and the kids have had a wonderful day, Rose!

    And don't feel bad for not having any inspiration at the moment; think of all the houswork you have to cross of your list, and working on your loggies is certainly a way of getting a feeling of creative acomplishment!

    Glad to see you enjoy the Elm Creek Quilts novels :o) I'm still waiting for my copy of the newest one... And look forward to seeing your SBS in progress :o) Yey! - another blogger in on the SBS!!! - and my friend nonetheless! You know there is a Block of the week going?

  2. Don't worry about the slump, I feel the same way sometimes. But look at all the others things you got done and off the list so that when you are ready it will be guilt free.

    Glad you had a fun day with the kids.
    WOW 330 loggies!

  3. I haven't bowled in years. That looks like fun. :o) Glad you had a terrific time.


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