Today marks the 12th anniversary of the passing on my Nan and tommorrow marks the 11th year of my Pops passing (he lived a year and one day after her).........she is still so special to me because she was such an incredible woman........i have mentioned her on occasion throughout my blog because she was the one i learned to embrodiery from and tonite i just wanted to share her with u.

We all have fond memories of the special people in our lives........heres mine.........her smile( she could melt the coldest of hearts) the way she fussed (what ive give to fuss over her one more time), her scones (now that was the only reason to get up on a Sunday morning, to taste her scones), cream (oh how she loved cream on her dessert, and how dad teased her!!!), her smell (i can still smell it in the bags and hankies i have today), her purse (that little fur purse that carried her lippy and hankie), her knitting (all those 4" squares!!!........all those rugs), the piano (she played so well, her singing,, her aprons (the true housewife, she had a drawer for them), cards (oh those Euchre nites with mum and dad........and the stout lol), her embrodiery (this woman was so talented its difficult to tell the back from the front and its from her i learnt!!!).........i could go on and on!!!

After her passing i worked on a cross stitch in her honour........i apologise for the angle but the light was in the way.........this hangs in my lounge for her:

Both of them taught me so much.........pop taught me intergrity and honesty, working hard to provide a good life for your family.........nan taught me the sweetness of life, the joy of family and the love of creating things with your own hands.........her image is on the first Threadbare Creations pattern i released:

I miss u both everday!! Im blessed to see bits of u in both of my children.........that sweet smile, that look when u were thinking and that placid nature.



  1. What a wonderful and heart warming post, Rose! Thank you so much for sharing!

  2. It´s so good to remember all this ... Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I can approve to Anne - a very warming post!

  3. Grandmothers are very special people. She will always be with you in spirit and you will carry her in your heart forever.


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