Today was full of work, work, work......but this post came from a conversation with Cohen's Kindergarten teacher this morning. We were discussing the kids art work for Easter and she was telling me how difficult it was to find supplies on their budget. It lead to a conversation about my quilting and all those scrappy bits that end up in the rubbish...u know the ones that r just toooo small to do anything with or those selvages!!! Rubbing her hands with glee, she asked if id mind saving them for the kids to use.......of course not, great i love recycling!!! So i came home, raided the rubbish bin and started saving my scraps for the kids:

(ATT: Leigh, heres the wooden basketey thingy (lol) i got from my late FIL, which i use for my cottons). I know Cohen's teacher will appreciate when this bag is if u r looking for something to do with those bits u put in the rubbish, think of ur local kindergarten, they may be thrilled to recieve such treasures!!!!

On a totally different note, i was walking back inside tonite and there hiding in the standard rose bush was this unexpected (for this time of the year) gem:

Arent rosebuds perfect???

Happy quilting friends!!


  1. Roses are perfect! When I painted I always liked painting them. I want to make a rose quilt's on my

  2. A rose for a Rose, how lovely and perfect! And your recycling of tidbits for kindergarten...oh, I only wish you lived closer! I can remember being asked a similar thing...many years ago. I brought in 16 extra large paper bags of 'fun' for the teacher...everything from pinecones, to paper tubes, to buttons and scraps, to empty containers..I even threw in acorns and such from the yard. Her room was filled up to the brim...and she never asked me for anything, again ;)

  3. The rosebud is lovely, Rose! A reminder that the summer that is ending in your part of the world is on it's way in mine.

    What a wonderful idea of recycling scraps for the kids, I'm sure they will have lots of fun playing with the colourful pieces. Reminds me: I went through the trash after a class i attended at the LQS last fall... I had lots of fun playing with what the ladies had thought of as trash, and ended up with a really cute log cabin table topper - which I ended up giving to my Mom :o) But there was lots of pieces I didn't use, imagine what the kids could have done with those...

    Take care! Quilty hugs!

  4. Thanks Rose I love your wooden baskety thingy thanks for showing me. I think I'll go and hunt around in the shed to see if we've got any little gems lurking out there.
    Your rose is gorgeous isn't it lucky that they survive on so little water. They are one of the few things left in our garden :(

  5. I love the wooden basket. Totally cool.


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