SBS Quilt

I just fell in love with the SBS quilt on Elm River Quilt Novels and decided i wanted to make one, so today both kids were at school, id done the groceries in record time, so the rest of the day was mine.......ahaaa sewing!!! I completed the first three SBS ive chosen to go with white as the background colour and i just dont paper piece, which may make things difficult as i progress, but thats just me:

Mosiac Block #3, Shoo-Fly and Bright Hopes

I really enjoyed working on these, bopping away to the music......its another great way to work through my stash (since my Log Cabin Quilt, which was meant to be a stashbuster, is costing me a fortune!!!! lol)

I know that i have only just sorted through my UFO's and have been complaining about feeling overwhelmed and then i go and start another huge project but im feeling creative and enjoying every minute i have sewing!!!!........and my lists r working soooooo well!!! that well that i have "prettied" up an old hardback notebook to help keep me on track:

Now a scrapbooker i am not but a sheet of wrapping paper, some cut out flowers from the BHG magazine and some spare buttons and i have a pretty book to plan my day in.......oh u may notice i have a computer in the sewing room now (our old one) it will be great for publishing my patterns, journalling ideas and keeping accounts for the patterns i will not have internet access (although i would take me less than 5 mins to connect it with our wireless broadband!!!) as i would spend too much time checking the blogs and not quilting!!! lol

Take care my friends!


  1. Ohh, Rose! Three blocks in one go!!! What a way to get started - I'm impressed! And I love your colour combination. And very structured of you tos start on A1, A2 and A3 - will you be making A4 next :o) ??? Just know you have a lot of fun time ahead of you - only 137 blocks to go :o) Will you be submitting pic's of your blocks to the SBS block gallery?

    The book for to-do lists looks like a wonderful idea for a list writing person :o) perhaps I should think of replacing all my Post-its...

    Keep up the great work, and take care! Hugs...

  2. I am with Anne on this one, I immediately wanted a cuter little notebook for my projects than the messy one I have. And just looking at your pretty blocks made me long to sew...right now, this minute ;)
    Thank you, Rose, for inspiring us this morning!

  3. Hi Rose I must get into these Elm Creek books. I actually looked them up at the library yesterday but they are all out of course! I should put one on hold.
    Love the note book, I'll show you what I use for my lists etc. on a post shortly. Maybe even today if I get organised! lol

  4. Working on your "to do" list is going to be so much more fun now. The book is a lovely way to stay organized. I have a note book made by a girlfriend and I didn't know what do to with I know...Thanks.


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