Creativity or Sheer Madness????

I have been on a rollercoaster ride with the BOM quilt this last week......i pulled it out of the cupboard just to see what the LQS thought and they loved the stitcheries, they wanted it quilted and packaged all ready to go.....later in the week they decided that i should finish the hand quilting that i had started almost a year ago, instead of machining it!......i just didnt want to do that!!!

So i procrastinated for a day or two, cleaned the house, made my SBS blocks, worked etc etc and then decided that i would machine quilt it!........Sat morn i got all organised, headed to the sewing room and spent most of the day quilting!!!!! It was my biggest nightmare, the cotton kept breaking, i got hit in the forehead by a broken needle and the quilt was just dragging me down.........i didnt like the layout, i was really hating the fabrics and the quilting was driving me to tears (literally!!!!)

Soooo i had to make a decision......if i wasnt enjoying this quilt, how could i expect other people to have fun with it??? i love the stitcheries and they needed to be showcased perfectly and i didnt believe that this was i ripped all of them out of the quilt!!!! this may have been madness but it just wasnt working and it makes me think that this was the reason i shoved it in the cupboard in the first place.

So my progress for the weekend:

A pile of stitcheries in desperate need of a new home!!!! Loads more work for me but its ok!! (my dream, my way!!) and if the shop dont want to wait for it, thats ok as well (but im sure they will understand) my quilt is on a "new" journey and im actually excited about taking my time and finding a new layout that works so much better and i have decided that all fabrics MUST come from my stash!!!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!!!
Rose xxx


  1. Wow - more power to you! I couldn't possibly have taken those out when I was so close to completion, but I can understand that you want the perfect house for your stitcheries to live in.

  2. Did you really rip them all out??? But I totally understand. I think I would have done exactly the same if I had not been satisfied with the quilt. I am sure you come up with the perfect pattern now. I am looking forward to see it.

  3. Hi Rose. I'm so sorry the quilt didn't work out, but that's the way it is. They tend to have a life of their own and when something doesn't work it really don't. I know the feeling of having to take things apart even if you really don't want to... The design will come to you when the time is right :o) hang in there!!!


  4. Ohh, my friend, what a decision to make! I felt so sorry for you, reading your post, about the cotton and the needle braking – about all the frustration and you not being content with your quilting! All the work and then to rip it all!

    But I truly admire you for what you have done!!! Don’t part with something you are not happy with. And I love your little stitcheries, and I hope (and am sure) you will find a lovely home for them :o) And seeing what you have pulled from your stash for your SBS blocks, I’m sure you will find something beautiful to set these little darlings with as well.

    Best of luck to you! Lots of {{hugs}}

  5. Oh Rose how frustrating for you, but I do understand. This how our quilts "Speak" to us and if it's "Your" creation then "You" need to be happy and content with the end result. We look forward to seeing your final decission on layout.

  6. Never forget that mantra " my dream, my way ". It is so tempting to keep trying to meet everyone else's idea of what and how we should make things. You have to be true to yourself or the joy goes out of it all.

  7. I'm a huge believer in signs, and this was certainly a sign. Hey if the needle in the head wasn't a sign a don't know what is!!! lol.
    Your stitcheries are adorable and your finished quilt will be far better than you ever imagined.
    The shop will wait.

  8. Hi Rose, I have tagged you, come to my blog for details.

  9. I'm a firm believer that quilts have their own way to come out... or not ! You took the best decision, and I'm sure that your wonderful stitcheries will very soon find a beautiful nest !

    Keep going !


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