Family Values Part 1

My Family Values BOM Quilt top is nearing i thought id just share with u the stitcheries over the next few posts and explain their significance to a passionate person and i think this is reflected in what i design:

My family is my world, the four of us grow more and more each and everyday but im also a strong believer that the "extended" family help to shape our children.....grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins share nurturing the little ones and they have always played a valuable part of our childrens life:

This one makes me remember a cute story.......Maddi was 6 and we had brought her a magazine and in it was a "colouring in competition".....she spend hours carefully colouring her picture in the hope that she would win a video..........when it was complete i wrote out the entry form and envelope and it wasnt until i was ready to fold it that i realised the competition had ended 3 weeks before.......i could have explained that to her (and prob should have) but all her hard work was 3 weeks too with the help of DH and my sister......i went and brought that video she had worked hard to win, put it in an envelope, labelled it and stuck it in the mailbox......the look on her face when i told her to check the mailbox, was worth more than anything:

I had an English teacher(whom i adored!!!) that had so much faith in me.......she was critical, which was great and she was excited when i "amazed" her.....for 4 years she pushed me to write more and more and when i won 2nd prize in a Writing Competition, she was right there by my side, proud as ever!!!.......her entry on my yearbook was "reach for the stars and ull always touch the treetops"....i hope i have done her proud:

This is an important one for me......i love when the kids have friends over, it just adds to the family unit, we get to share what we do everyday with others......i always plan ahead, whether the kids do some cooking or some craft (i love teaching them!!!) but i always hope they leave here feeling welcome and wanting to come back again!!!!

Showing what u design, is like baring ur soul but each design is part of my soul!!!
Hope u enjoyed....part 2 has more!!!

Rose xxx


  1. Wonderful little stitchery blocks with great meaning for you!

  2. Rose, you are just the sweetest person ever! I loved these little stitcheries before you told their meaning, and now they are even more special! How cute is the story of Maddi and the video *lol* Thank you so much for sharing your designs and who you are! Lots of {{{hugs}}}

  3. What a soulful quilt! That's about all I can remember from the long comment I had written from my heart. Blogger lost it! It's wonderful that you can attach personal meaning to your stichery blocks. Keep well!

  4. A piece to be treasured and passed down the family chain in years to come. Thanks for sharing Rose.

  5. Just gorgeous Rose, I love that each block has special meaning for you.

  6. Your stitcheries are just adorable. If I didn't know you and just saw your pattern in a shop it would go straight to the top of my to do list. Knowing you and being privileged to what is in your heart as you design them makes them even more gorgeous. We are all lucky to be given this little bit extra.

  7. Rose, i love reading your blog! it gives me a lift which has been much needed in the past few weeks.I think your family values are so special thankyou.

  8. Beautiful stitcheries and lovely meanings - what a special post. Lucy x


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