Family Values Part 3

It has been so hectic here and i have been so tired, so i would like to thank all of u for ur lovely comments on the stitcheries, so far......i did something i NEVER do yesterday, i took my "new and improved" quilt to the LQS to get some borders (and BTW they love, love, love it!!!! so glad i changed the layout) then i got Cohen some lunch and he was busy with the computer and a DVD so the rest of my time was my own......soooooooooo i snuggled up in bed and the middle of the day!!!! Maddi woke me when she got home from school, then DH woke me when he got home from work......i made dinner, bathed Cohen, packed schoolbags, watched mindnumbing TV for an hour or so........then slept again lol.......i must have needed it......this morning i woke up......sleepy lol!
Time for some more i guess a lot of these designs come from little sayings i have collected over the years but some of them r more sentimental to me for the little drawings, like these one's (I promise not to make u cry Leigh!!!):

My grandfather was a huge collector of Royal Albert Dinner sets, he had them all stored in beautiful blackwood cabinets.....many Xmas and Sunday dinners were eaten on these beautiful sets, but we also ate "fish and chips" in style and morning and afternoon teas, he believed in using them!!! an engagement present, he gave me a "Real Old Willow" set, which i do not use and as a wedding present he gave me an "Old Country Rose" set complete with salt and pepper shakers, cake stand and cake plates and teapot and teapot stand.....i use this set for those special moments:

Flowers, i love.......i have many pots, esp in my patio and around my front door, that i constantly change to get a fresh look and more beautiful fragrances........DH designed most of our gardens using lots of deciduous tress (his favorite) so wherever i can get that injection of colour, i plant lol:

How special is a rainbow??? At 39 i still get excited when i find a rainbow (the kids r like...yeh mum!!), i guess it was cheap entertainment in my day!!!! for "believing in their dreams", i live with 3 incredible people who believe in mine otherwise i wouldnt do what i do!!!:

Hmmmm now the "lurkers" will recognise this design........i have a very similar design tattooed on my lower back (a black cross with 2 roses) my it symbolises the need to believe in myself, to have the confidence to put myself out there and to keep trying:

I love grandfather clocks (i dont own one......yet lol) the look and the tone, comforts me....i have found the perfect one, but the price is way tooooooo much (and it was on special at the time lol), maybe one day it would be my extravagance present.........quality my guys, i know life has been madness lately, we need quality time and this weekend i promise we will have it!!!:

This stitchery was based around the watering grandfather had a large market garden and a major "greenthumb".......his garden was full of fresh fruit and vegetables and the most gorgeous dahlia's and gladiolias u could imagine (he used to sell his flowers to the local florist) in his hothouse, he had the most amazing cactii and a rubber tree that covered every any time of the year u could go and pick the produce, i used to love the fresh peas (yummmm) and the berries and the baby carrots and at the end of the garden was the chickens, lovely warm eggs to take to the kitchen for lunch.........that was ur talent Pop!!!! and now i have his watering can........i have pretty flowers and this years veg garden is all planned out but it will never be like his!!
1 more part to go guys....then ill share the new quilt!!!
I just wanted u to see all the stitcheries and their meanings to u learn more about me i guess!!!
Take care Rose xxx


  1. Hi, sweetie! It certainly looks like you needed some sleep, and I'm glad you were able to find some time to do just that! And your stitcheries are so cute, and I wanted to thank you for sharing more of the stories about them; it is so great to read the thoughts you had when you designed them! Looking forward to the next couple of posts *lol* Take care of yourself!!! {{Hugs}}

  2. Rose these are just beautiful, both the stitcheries and the sentiment. Now that was a huge tease, I thought we were going to see the finished quilt top at the end of the post....

  3. Dear Rose,
    Your blocks are soooo cute, and your comments are delightful !
    Can't wait seeing the whole quilt ! (but don't forget to get some good rest, though !)....
    Could you tell me where we can order your patterns ?
    THANKS !

    Hugs & smiles,

  4. Just gorgeous Rose, you do such lovely work

  5. Wonderful sayings and stitchery. You have done a great job on making this quilt. Can't wait to see the new one.

  6. Your doin it again,sniff,sniff!!!!!
    Just a word of warning, when we come to Tassie...............hide the china!!!!!!!(evil laugh hahahaha)


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