Family Values

When i first decided to start Threadbare Creations, i thought long and hard on a theme. I really wanted to leave my teeny weeny mark on the world with something that would inspire. Whats the most important thing to me?? family!!! So i designed 20 individual stitcheries. Each one has a special little message to remind us of Family Values (which is the name of this quilt). It got shelved for quite some time and i moved onto other designs, but Monday i got it out of the cupboard and took it to the LQS. They r going to run it as their BOM which im really thrilled im going to apologise in advance for the pics, i pick up all the photography tommorrow, all ready for the pattern packs:

This was prior to quilting....the shop r actually having it quilted for me (which was fantastic and such a huge relief) and here r just 4 of the individual stitcheries:

The plan was that they could be sold individually and used in a number of ways.....cushions, wallhangings etc etc The shop is still going to sell them individually and also as a BOM. My goals for May r kinda on hold for the next week or so, while i work on getting these patterns ready for sale.

Im dying to sew some loggies and i have SBS blocks cut out ready......might sneak a few hours actually sewing tommorrow!!!

A huge BIG thank u to everyone for ur wonderful comments and emails on the Journal Cover....i really appreciate the support and encouragement.

Enjoy ur family!


  1. Congratulations on your patterns. Your Family Values is going to be a populare pattern I guess. It's beautiful

  2. Oh my those are just too cute. You are a wonderful designer and I love seeing the things you make. Keepem coming!

  3. Another triumph for Threadbare Designs! The quilt is wonderful, Rose. And what a way to have started your own busness! The stitcheries are so cute! Love the idea of this quilt as a BOM!

    Take care, my friend! Stitch when you have the time and need some therapy :o)

  4. You seem to be very lucky these days, although i would say it is not only luck but a lot of work which starts paying off. I am very glad for you! Your designs are so beautiful, you deserved success. Keep on sharing and take care.

  5. Beautiful Rose, and so many colour possibilities. If you need or want an outlet in the US for your designs let me know. I have a lady in one of my groups who imports Aussie designs.

  6. Oh Rose, you've done it again!!
    Your designs are just superb!
    They are the cutest little stitcheries ever and who can go past star blocks?!?
    Well done once again!

  7. Your patterns are just wonderful Rose, I just love your stitcheries.

  8. What wonderful designs... congratulations. I think all will be the best if you take your design ideas from your world around you. And ... I see it´s so with your designs! Thanks for sharing the pixs.

  9. it's lovely! congrats on the patterns

  10. How wonderful - Congratulations. Pretty soon I can say -- Oh I knew Rose before she became famous :))

  11. Your patterns are just lovely. Congratulations on having your quilt used for the BOM.

  12. That's a great pattern! Will it be available for online ordering?


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