Happy Birthday!!!

To my darling husband,

I wish u the greatest birthday!!! You r the most patient husband, the most understanding man and my greatest support...........how many men come home to a wife covered in cottons and no dinner prepared???........but u take control and we get fed and u encourage me to work on my sewing!!!

Going back to work has been theraputic for me but it is also a great opportunity for u, to spend time with the children.........it has helped us get the things we want and has given u that special time to play with the kids, help them with homework or read them their books and to appreciate the role of a Mum.........i thank u for u support!!!

As for my sewing.........i thank u for the "Spice" design (your idea, i just made it real) that gave me a mag commission...........u r so patient and encouraging and u keep me motivated cause u push me to achieve as much as i can (he can be really bossy at times!!!! lol)

Happy Birthday my man!!!.........i knew 22 years ago, when i first saw u that u were the one i wanted to share my life with and every year gets better........we have grown together, loved together, cried together and rejoiced together!!!

U r my rock!!!
Rose xxx


  1. What a sweet tribute to your husband! Happy birthday from me as well.

  2. Happy Birthday to your hubby. May must be when all the good ones were born cos my dh had his birthday yesterday. :)

  3. What a wonderful tribute to your husband. So often the "men" in our lives get overlooked but you have managed to say in your blog what most of us never get to express.

  4. This is a wonderful post, Rose! A belated "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" to your husband from me alos, and I hope you both and the children have had a great weekend!

  5. Your SBS blocks are beautiful and I love your journal cover! That was a sweet post to your hubby, you both are very fortunate to have such wonderful partners!! Happy belated b-day, Roses' hubby!


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