SBS Goal For Month Complete!!

It has been a very long and tiring week for has been a nitemare, the weather has been wet,windy and cold and ive been working as much as i can on the BOM quilt.

Cohen is getting the flu, poor Maddi came rushing out the back door last nite to tell us her plans of skating with her friends on the weekend, jumped off the step and sprained her ankle....poor darling (no skating for her for awhile!!!) and DH lost a friend to cancer (a young man in his 30's, leaving his wife and 5 y old daughter) which was very sad!!

I had a day off work, so i decided to finish 3 more of my SBS blocks:

Stamp Baskets, Mrs Clevelands Choice and Tennesse

Thanks so much to Anne for helping me with the Tennesse block, she knew it was one i was having big problems with, so she made it up herself and emailed me the measurements....she is such a sweetie and its great that we can help each other with this quilt!!! So now i reached my Goal for May with 2 rows of this quilt complete.........i couldnt resist just a little play with them:

They all look great together!!! Im really happy with each and every one even though some have been a huge challenge.......i look forward to Row C!!!

Im working all weekend, so not a lot of time for sewing!!!
Have a great weekend!!
Rose xxx


  1. Oh, Rose! I'm so sorry to read this week has been so tough on you and your loved ones! My warmest thoughts to your husband's friend's family! And to your kids! Hope they will feel better soon - all in their own way!

    And your blocks look fantastic! I love the colours! and the rows look great, fun seeing them all laid out like that - as you know i store mine in zip-loc bags, and there are blocks I haven't seen in months:o) And way to go on your stitching! You will have this quilt done in no time, by the speed you are stitching the blocks :o)

    Wishing you and your family a happy weekend!

  2. I love your blocks. The neat thing about work is---WEEKENDS!!! Hope next week is better.

  3. I know I missed it somewhere - I can't remember for the life of me - and I'm sure I'll really feel stupid when you tell me - but what does SBS stand for? Obviously not Dear Jane, or Dear Hannah, or Nearly Insane - but it must be another quilt like those, right? The blocks are looking wonderful.

    So sorry to hear about your week - I guess we all have weeks like that sometime in our lives. May good things start happening soon.

  4. Dear sweet Rose! A big (((hug))) from across the miles to you! Please know that so many of us understand and empathize. How wonderful that inspite of everything that goes on in your lives, you can still create such beautiful blocks with fabric and thread!

  5. Oh poor thing. Sounds like a rotten week for all of you. Hope the kids are ok again really quickly.
    How sad for your husband, those things are hard to take.
    Take care of yourself and your family. It's the weekend now so you can all get some r&r.
    Looking forward to seeing the new and improved,lol, bom.

  6. Such a sad thing when someone so young dies and leaves behind a young child and family.

    Hopefully next week is better. The SBS quilt blocks are coming along beautifully :))

  7. Such a bad week. Take care. Love the blocks and very pleased to see some more together.

  8. Rose, I'm so sorry about the troubles you and your family have been going through. I hope everything smooths out soon.

    Your blocks look wonderful! Your new ones, and all the blocks together. I would just love to make them too, if only I didn't have so many other things in the works.

  9. Rose,
    Your block are stunning ! What a beautiful job !
    I'm sure this is going to be a heirloom quilt...

    So sorry for your husband and daughter, wishing them a quick recovery.

    Hugs & smiles !

  10. Wow, that's quite the week! Hope things are better. Congratulations on meeting your goal. The blocks look lovely. Thanks for sharing! Keep well and happy quilting!

  11. So sorry you have to work this weekend. The SBS blocks are looking great!


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