Sewing Withdrawal

Im having withdrawals........ive hardly sewn these last few days and im itching to spend a whole day down in the sewing room!!! Saturday and Sunday i worked and came home so tired, curled up in the recliner and watched television. DH spent the weekend pulling apart the bedroom ready for Monday i painted the first coat.

Years ago i decided I wanted a white bedroom (with just a hint of lemon and baby being my favorite colour) and that was fine except now i want to inject some colour and warmth into the room...........with my Log Cabin Quilt in mind i chose a "bold blue" and lemon for the this blue is darker than anything i have ever chosen in paint colours but im loving it so may make the room appear smaller but its comforting and inviting and the wallpaper freize ive chosen, has beautiful burgundys, pinks, blues, greens and creams (hmm sounds like my quilt colours!!! lol)

We r going out this weekend to chose a new bed.......wohoo my back will thank me lol....since we got married we have had a white and brass bed, this time we going timber.....something chunky i think lol.

I have to work tommorrow and no painting till Friday, which means we have to spend another few nites with the bedroom in dissarray, the bed in the middle of the room (and that smelly paint odour!!!).......its completley disorientating when u wake in the middle of the nite to go to the loo lol but it will be worth it.

Back to sewng as soon as i can!!!!


  1. Have fun with your decorating, it's one of my favourite things to do! I was reading some of your earlier blog entries today ... and Rose, we're almost exactly the same! We have kids almost exactly the same age, we're similar ages, married similar times ... too spooky!

  2. The renovations will be so worth it when your done. It's hard to live through the mess but you'll love the end result and then you can get back to your sewing.

  3. It will be soooo worth it. A lovely new room to show off those lovely loggies you've been working so hard on. Hope we get to see some pics :)

  4. Sounds like you have a lot on your hands, so no wonder you haven't been able to sew lately. I really like the plans for your "new" bedroom - having your loggies in mind :o) Have fun with it! And take care!

  5. I love to redo a room. Right now we are waiting to find a new home than I will have a whole house to redecorate.

    I hope you show pictures when your bedroom is done.

  6. i love darker paint colors. hope you get into your sewing room to play soon


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