Blue Screen!!

I went to start up the computer on Saturday morning and all i got was the dreaded "Blue Screen", not a great thing to happen at anytime but more frustrating when it happens on a weekend!!!! so we only got the computer back from the shop today...........and i got heaps to share!!!! and heaps to catch up on when i go off and read everyones blogs later tonite.

Firstly, the Family Values BOM Quilt is finished!!!! (except for a final cotton check and erasing the chalk mark lines). I am so proud of this quilt, if i never design another thing, i have this quilt. I pour my heart and soul into everything i design but this one is extremely personal to me:

I am so glad i decided to rip out the stitcheries and reset them.....i love the colours, i love the way it feels.........i dont wanna give it to the quilt shop!!!!! lol Heres a close up of the quilting:

Im taking it in to Sally on Friday and then all thats left to do is write up the instructions for the last 10 stitcheries. She is so excited about it, she got me to take some photos and in Sept.(i think) she has taken out a full page ad in Homespun magazine using my quilt!!! exciting!!!

So after a marathon quilting session, i spent a day or so relaxing with my SBS blocks and "loggies". It was a great change of pace:

Heres Lady of the Lake, Grape Basket, Album and Northwind and for those who had forgotten what "loggies" im working on (it had been so long id almost forgotten lol) here they r:

Ive spent the last few nites stitching and watching TV with DH and i have managed to finish my house stitchery for my medallion wallhanging. I have kept the design very simple because im looking forward to a "busy" setting for this stitchery. Im going to use EQ6 on this one i think but im looking forward to the challenge:

The little saying goes as follows:
Our windows may need painting,
And our roof my need repair, but
Our house becomes the grandest home,
When the family are all there.

Last but not least, I have had a few enquires about where my patterns can be purchsed from....well my LQS The Country Quilter is now online and all of my patterns (except the Family Values BOM.....should be in a week or two) are available!!!

Take care and happy quilting
Rose xxx


  1. Wow, you have been busy! I was sorry to read about your blue screen, though. But more time for stitching when less time for blogging, I guess...

    I absolutely love the way the Family Values BOM turned out!!! Congratulations, my friend!!! It will be a hit! The first sign of that is that your LQS are using it in their ads :o)

    The SBS blocks looks great to! Your quilt os going to sparkle with colour! (and I still think you shall consider white sashing...! At least until you can show me something better *lol*).

    And you are really making me wonder about those loggies... they are so pretty, and the little you have shown of the setting is just to tease a poor girl :o)

    Still feeling nostalgic when seeing your house stitchery *lol*

    Take care my friend!

    PS! The link to the quilt shop doesn't work.

  2. Thanks Anne, i fixed the link, damn gremlins lol

  3. Whoo Hoo!! Family Values is done and wonderful!! Great job, you have much to be proud of with this quilt. I will be headed over to ck our your patterns. And congrats on the full page ad...lots of good things happening for you!


  4. Rose the quilt is just beautiful, give yourself a huge pat on the back. I couldn't get past the front page of the quilt store, so boo hoo couldn't see your patterns.

  5. Big Congrats on getting featured in the ad for LQS. Your Family BOM is absolutly fantastic. And I especailly LOVE the way you quilted it.

  6. Hi Rose.

    Your quilt is fantastic. I absolutely adore it!!!! How wonderful it all worked out in the end...

    A blue screen is a disaster. Panic is a word that comes to mind ;O)

    Your SBS blocks are lovely too. I've been peeking at the SBS quilt at the Elm Creek home site, but it's a bit ahead of me yet. Maybe I'll try a few blocks, just for fun....

    Have a wonderful day.
    Hugs, Tone Yvonne

  7. Wow!!! Great,Rose!It is a wonderful quilt :))) Ciao from Italy

  8. You've been quite busy! The quilt is beautiful. I love those colours! Thanks for sharing!

  9. Wow!! Fantastic!! You must be so proud of yourself.
    That is fantastic news about the magazine. I think you better make sure you have plenty of copies printed up cos it will sell like hot cakes.
    I love the verse on your new project. Did you come up with it yourself,Ive never heard it before.
    You have a real knack for making people feel warm and fuzzy :-)

  10. Congratulations on a fabulous finish! I don't blame you for not wanting to give this one up to the quilt shop!

  11. The quilting is perfect, and I love the finished quilt. All your projects are wonderful, and I like the poem on that bottom stitchery. Just love log cabin designs.

  12. You have all reasons to be proud of your quilt. It's so beautiful and your drawings are so perfect.

  13. The quilt looks perfect! Love those blocks you're working on!

  14. Thanks for visiting my blog! Yours is wonderful!! I am new to blogging so haven't found all my way around yet. ;0) I love the Family Values BOM quilt. I will want to check out the pattern on that one.

  15. please tell me that the store is giving the quilt back to you? i love it-the colors, the stitching, its gorgeous! great job

  16. Oh, Rose, you must be soooo proud ! This quilt is a heirloom, and I'm so happy we have now a website where we can order your patterns !

    Congratulations, dear !

    Keep doing !

    Hugs & smiles...

  17. It looks fantastic Rose. You have done a great job with the quilting.

  18. Love those SBS blocks! The color combinations are just outstanding.

  19. Wow, Rose, I love it! It's beautiful. In fact, I love all your designs thanks for the link!

  20. I hate computer problems!

    Love your blog, that quilt is just beautiful, as are your blocks. I'm fairly new to blogging, and finding all kinds of wonderful ones to read!

    Happy quilting!

  21. finally together.....wonderful.... I enjoyed looking at all your blocks as you progressed....take care...


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