Family Values Part 4

Last installment of stitcheries, i promise lol.....these r the last 4 and three of them speak for themselves.........i just want to thank everyone for your patience with me sharing them and your wonderful, kind comments, i love what i do and it is fantastic to know others do as well.

As parents we believe in letting our children explore their own lives, its tough to live up to others expectations but we r there for them to help guide them, help them make decisions, help them with their problems and be there for them when they need us:

Life should be a celebration........every day is a gift and every moment should be treasured:

Ok im the "proud" parent.......u know the one, camera in hand but cant focus cause im all shaky and nervous and there r tears in my eyes lol and this can be for anything....Maddi winning an award or giving a speech or most recently (last nite) Cohen dancing at his first school social:

This stitchery is the last one in my quilt............remember that saying "u hold their hands for a moment but their hearts forever" ?? Both of my children have "always" grabbed for my hand or DH's and at times the whole 4 of us have walked down the street holding hands (making it difficult to get around people lol).......only this year has Maddi decided to walk alone and i can respect that.........we love our children so much and we hope to "hold their hearts forever"

Well there are the stitcheries, all of them my favorites for different reasons........the new quilt top is finished except for the final borders which i will put on sometime this weekend and then i will post the layout........i have promised the family some quality time this weekend and it started after work tonite.........we spent the nite with my MIL, who i just adore, had some dinner with her and one of her friends and just relaxed.......we got a "family lunch date" tommorrow and then a DVD nite and a relaxing Sunday in the PJ's (thats when i plan to sew the borders lol)

take care and i hope everyone has a fantastic, relaxing weekend!!!
Rose xxx


  1. At least you don't need to thank me for my patience! I have loved these close-ups and stories of your stitcheries :o) And now I can look forward to seeing the whole quilt!

    Your plans for the weekend sounds wonderful, I hope you will enjoy yourself! {{hugs}}

  2. What a joy it's been to see these wonderful stitcheries, thanks for sharing them with us Rose. Your weekend sounds absoloutely wonderful, I hope you enjoy your time with your family.

  3. i have enjoyed catching up on your blog and seeing all the lovely stitcheries.

  4. I sure enjoyed reading all your posts about your family blocks.
    The stitching is beautiful and so are all the warm thoughts and wishes that inspired each block!


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